Design Meets…Public Policy

On Tuesday November 26th, the team at Pivot Design Group and fellow organizers are hosting Design Meets…Public Policy in Toronto. Tuesday’s event is the latest in a series of meet-up style design-oriented events that combine brief presentations from subject matter experts and a lot of discussion on the role of design thinking in shaping the …

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Defining Design

What is design? Design lays at the heart of any endeavour to create something with intention. One of the best and most concise definitions comes from Greg Van Alstyne at the Strategic Innovation Lab at OCADU: “Design is creation for reproduction”   At essence of this definition is the intent to develop a plan — …

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The Mindset, Skillset, And Toolset Toolkit

Ever had a problem that was complex, even wicked in nature? If so, this blog might be a place for you. Complex problems are ones that have multiple possible causes that often overlap, have time delays and involve many different forces, agents and circumstances. Some problems (like wicked ones) are barely solvable, but they can be …

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