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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

Change is coming, it’s here, and it’s your responsibility — but what do you do? Where do you start? How do you prepare — your team, organization and yourself — to go from where you are to where you need to be? How can you best create the future you want and address the changes facing you now?

We help leaders and their teams navigate and design change that makes a difference.

How To Design Change

Cense is a strategic design company that helps organizations and leaders do new things, adapt, learn and respond to change.

We design living systems using service design, strategic foresight, and evaluation.

We help our clients to shape their future and lead others to it through:

  1. Strategic Innovation Services: How to do new things and make them successful.
  2. Evaluation: Understanding the influence you have and learning from what you do.
  3. Well-being Promotion: Creating your sustainable, creative and healthy workforce.
  4. Academy: Giving you the knowledge and skills to design and innovate better.

Strategic Innovation

(How to do new things and make changes stick)

Bring the power of creativity, design, foresight, and psychology together with our strategic design services. Design and re-design your program offerings for amplifying influence and performance. Whether developing a strategic plan (and executing it) or reshaping what you do to have a more significant effect, we can help.

Evaluation For Influence

(Making a positive difference and showing it)

Establish systems that learn, grow, and tune performance with insight into what you do and how you do it with our evaluation services. Tell better stories and demonstrate the value you create and share using data. We bring a design-driven approach to help you learn more from what you do and your influence.

Well-being Promotion

(Caring for ourselves and performing at our best )

Create and nurture a culture of well-being in your organization through our health and wellness support services. We create spaces for people to thrive and perform their best through promoting, enhancing, and maintaining the health and well-being of your organization and those who make it what it is.


(Becoming effective learners and change-makers)

Learn the art and science of innovation with our coaching and training services. Through our Academy, we help you learn to innovate, grow, and illustrate your influence. Our custom training offerings will inspire your team and equip them to create, learn, and act with more significance and a little fun.

We give you new eyes for seeing and creating change, by design.

For more on our thought leadership and ideas about innovation, change, and creativity, visit us at Censemaking.

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