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Cense helps leaders to innovate and create change by design. Strategic design is what we are about.

Through our unique training and content curation approach, we bring the best knowledge, skill-building, tools, and mindset-enhancing materials to help you become a better strategic designer. Our emphasis is on designing for living systems — people, teams, organizations, and communities — in ways that promote health, wellbeing and preserve and protect our planet.

Our expertise in behavioural psychology, systems thinking, Credentialed Evaluation services, and strategic foresight + design is tailored for change in a changing, complex world. We bring this to our writing and unique training programs that are embedded within tools that everyone has access to.

We want to bring strategic design to anyone looking to make and lead change. Check our our services page to learn more and how to subscribe to our learning resources.

For more on our ideas about innovation, change, and creativity, visit us at Censemaking.

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