Cense brings together strategic designers, evaluation professionals, health promotion leaders, and applied systems thinkers together to support our clients. Our Principal and associates know how to work with complex problems, public and social sector clients, and leaders who need strategic advice, innovation and design expertise, and the skills to evaluate and transform experience into learning.

We help you to see the future and design strategies to prepare you for meeting that future. We give you new eyes for seeing the world — your people, your markets, your community — around you

Under the leadership of Dr. Cameron Norman, our project teams are tailored to the challenges of our clients, rather than fit our clients to our staff.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and learn about how we can assist you with your innovation, learning and evaluation needs.

Cense Ltd. is located at Eastroom in the Riverside neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. We can be reached anytime using the contact form below and look forward to discussing your needs and how we can help you.

If you report up, manage down, and lead every direction and want help to bring and sustain positive change, we’re here for you.

To inquire about our services, contact us below or email us at info @ .

Please note that we do not respond to unsolicited requests from commercial vendors.

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