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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


Cense Ltd. is committed to supporting organizations in strategic learning for innovation. We help them to see their service and product offerings through a new lens to achieve greater positive influence.

We provide expertise and experience that is fit-for-purpose, drawing on a team of associates who bring together expertise in strategy, service design, foresight, and evaluation to provide:

1.Program Evaluation and Research: Our Credentialed Evaluation (CE) services provide insight into program operations and their outcomes to help organizations identify and assess potential areas of development and enhancement while improving accountability.

We specialize in design-driven and developmental evaluation and conduct in-depth research on specific topics to provide organizations with the highest-quality evidence needed to make informed strategic decisions.

2. Service Design and Innovation Development: We help organizations learn and design their programs and services to innovate strategically and sustainably. Drawing on behavioural science and systems thinking, we help our clients to prepare for uncertainty and meet the challenges posed by complexity.

3. Well-being Support. Our health promotion through design approach works to create a culture of well-being within an organization. We help our clients to design their organization to perform at its best while keeping the health, mental health, and social needs of their staff front and centre.

4. Training and Education: We offer general and customized training in areas of design thinking and innovation, program evaluation and research, and organizational development & transformation. We provide professional training from basic to advanced drawing on our award-winning teaching methods and evidence-based approaches to adult education.


Your challenges are unique so why not create a team that is designed to meet them?

At Cense we:

+ Support strategic decision-making and action through behavioural psychology, design, and evaluation with a commitment to learning and innovation;

+ Develop the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets necessary for organizations to operate at their most creative, sustainable and influential levels;

+ Enhance people’s potential for joy, excellence, and well-being through their engagement with their work.


Cense was founded in 2005 as CENSE Research + Design and incorporated in 2015 as Cense Ltd. We operate using an Associate model and are led by our Principal and President, Cameron Norman, who brings together leading thinkers, designers, researchers and partners to build custom teams required to address our clients’ complex problems. Dr. Norman and our partners are actively involved in scholarship to advance the scientific, technical, and practice work related to design, health, and innovation and regularly and consistently publishes research in leading academic journals as part of our commitment to advancing our knowledge and skills.


Our company values:

  • Discovery and learning and seek to create opportunities for people to find pleasure, pride, and purpose in their work;
  • We believe in partnership: we succeed with our clients as partners;
  • We value creating conditions of possibility in all settings and contexts.
  • Optimism and hope frame our work;
  • Compassion, dignity, and respect are what we cultivate in every relationship with our clients.

Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to responsible resource use extends from our client work to our operations and infrastructure. We are proud to be powered by Bullfrog Power, a 100% sustainable energy innovator in Canada. We embrace strategic design using low-carbon, high-influence approaches, including remote and hybrid tools whenever appropriate.


Cense Ltd. is a member of the Eastroom community located in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood and provides us with the collaborative design space to facilitate the innovative solutions we are known for. Eastroom is a hub for innovative businesses and creatives operating in the Downtown East, Riverside, and Leslieville areas of Toronto.

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Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge the land on which Cense operates lies within the traditional domain of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and, more recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. This land is still the home to First Nations peoples from across Turtle Island, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to inhabit and work here alongside and with them.

Our company is powered by sustainable sources provided through Bullfrog Power.

Sustainable Energy
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