What Is Strategic Design, And Why Might I Need It?

Strategic Design is the application of design methods, principles, thinking, and approaches to an enterprise. It combines aspects of systems design, service design, and design thinking. Strategic Design focuses on aligning the organization’s resources, interests, and goals with what it does. It ensures that your organization is fit for purpose. Fit For Purpose We use …

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Strategy as Conversation

A great strategy is designed. This means it was planned, implemented, and evaluated in ways that are aligned with the vision of the organization. Poor strategy neglect some or all of this. We’ve seen many strategies poorly planned, not implemented, never evaluated and misaligned with the values and vision of the organization. However, because we …

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Speed Versus Depth

There are many threats to quality action and behaviour change, but the most persistent and pernicious of these is brevity. Speed and efficiency are two twins tied to productivity, value, and innovation. At least, in theory. We have yet to see any substantive value created from a fast, quick fix or rapid change initiative. Change …

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