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Our work is grounded in behavioural science, design, and systems thinking. We focus on the entire innovation journey — ideas, implementation, learning and evaluation — with our clients.

We bring together strategyservice designforesight, and evaluation to provide the following key services:

Program Evaluation and Research 

Our Credentialed Evaluation (CE) services provide insight into program operations and their outcomes to help organizations identify and assess potential areas of development and enhancement while improving accountability.

We specialize in developmental evaluation and conduct in-depth research on specific topics to provide organizations with the highest-quality evidence needed to make informed strategic decisions.

Service Design and Innovation Development

We help organizations learn and design their programs and services to innovate strategically and sustainably. Drawing on behavioural science and systems thinking, we help our clients to prepare for uncertainty and meet the challenges posed by complexity.

Training and Education

We offer general and customized training in areas of design thinking and innovation, program evaluation and research, and organizational development & transformation. We provide professional training from basic to advanced drawing on our award-winning teaching methods and evidence-based approaches to adult education.

We have launched the Cense Academy, a digital platform that offers real-time, just-in-time learning options to learn the art and science of change-making through innovation.

We also provide a Chief Learning Officer program designed to support organizations in learning through their work by serving as a fractional c-suite member without the need to recruit and hire a full-time support person.

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