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Cense provides leaders with the knowledge, skills, tools, mindsets and strategies to guide and lead change. Through original content and expert curation of the best research, thought leadership, and case studies in innovation, Cense is a home for learning how to design for living systems.

Our publications (Censemaking) and newsletters (Censemaking, The Design Loft, and The Innovator’s Dilemmas) provide practical, future-minded, and impact-oriented tips, tools, and training for leaders seeking to make sense of complexity and act in spite of it.

For more on our thought leadership and ideas about innovation, change, and creativity, visit us at Censemaking

Our Products & Services

The Censemaking Innovation Newsletter. A bi-weekly newsletter for students, teachers, and leaders in any field who want to learn about what makes change happen: psychology, strategic design, systems thinking, foresight and evaluation. This newsletter brings the best practice, research and case studies to help make a positive difference to you as a leader and change-maker.

The Design Loft. A design-focused newsletter and training program for those seeking to elevate their impact. This training program and weekly newsletter brings together lessons design and evaluation together to help designers and evaluators make things better by making better things.

The Innovator’s Dilemma’s. Periodic reflections from our Principal on the practice-based dilemmas that change-making and designers face in efforts to make things better. What does it mean to design change? How do you know you’ve made a difference? This is for leaders and practitioners in design, evaluation, social innovation and anyone who faces the complexity of leading and facilitating change.

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