Using Theories for Change

The concept of Theory of Change is meant to provide program planners and evaluators with guidance on how to make sense of the mechanisms that guide how something transforms. Theory of Change as a technique is usually visual, participatory and consultative in nature, and is something that is developed alongside the program itself. What is […]

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Evaluation’s Hidden Value: Clarifying Your Strategy

Evaluation is more than just the assessment of merit, worth, and significance of a program, product, or service. Although these are the primary functions of evaluation, it can serve far more than this when designed and implemented in the appropriate manner. Evaluation focuses attention on the things that your organization builds, has built, and implements

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Defining Design

What is design? Design lays at the heart of any endeavour to create something with intention. One of the best and most concise definitions comes from Greg Van Alstyne at the Strategic Innovation Lab at OCADU: “Design is creation for reproduction”   At essence of this definition is the intent to develop a plan —

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