The Mindset, Skillset, And Toolset Toolkit

A well-worn toolkit for navigating complexity and designing innovation
A well-worn toolkit for navigating complexity and designing innovation

Ever had a problem that was complex, even wicked in nature?

If so, this blog might be a place for you. Complex problems are ones that have multiple possible causes that often overlap, have time delays and involve many different forces, agents and circumstances. Some problems (like wicked ones) are barely solvable, but they can be addressed.

One thing they can’t be is ignored.

Human societies are more complex than ever and the organizations, networks and teams that come together to address social, environmental, health and enterprise problems require approaches that work with complexity, rather than deny it.

The CENSE blog is designed to provide those working in human systems with a set of tools to enhance the skills for change and support a mindset of systems thinking that can support social and service innovation.

If you are interested in the mindset of complexity and innovation, check out the CENSEMaking blog. There you will find longer thought pieces on issues that illustrate complexity, highlight design, and reflect on the challenges of both in the context of social innovation.

This is the toolkit space. Stay tuned for regular updates on strategies, tactics, tools and techniques from psychology and behavioural science, program evaluation, design thinking, systems science and strategic foresight.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, shares and suggestions anytime.





Photo Toolkit by Nick Farnhill used under Creative Commons Licence from Flickr.







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