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Engagement for ideas

Among the biggest success factors in any organizational change initiative is engaging staff and stakeholders in participating in the change process; this is true for idea generation through the design cycle to implementation and evaluation. How do we overcome the challenge of disengagement to produce productive creative, innovative ideas in our organizations? Beyond brainstorming Ideas

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Unpleasant Design

Much of what we speak of when we talk about design, products and space is making things more livable, attractive or delightful. But what happens when we want the exact opposite to happen? That is the concept behind Unpleasant Design. The term comes from work being done by Gordan Savičić and Selena Savić who have been curating examples of

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What is design thinking? A look at universities

Our principal, Dr. Cameron Norman, was recently interviewed for University Affairs magazine on the topic of design thinking. Speaking with journalist Tim Johnson, Dr. Norman discussed what design and designers offer those seeking to tackle complex, thorny problems. [Dr Norman] notes that designers, especially product designers, are typically experts in conceptualizing problems and solving them– ideal skills

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Defining Design Thinking

Following our last post on defining design, here are some of the definitions currently in use to describe design thinking. There are far fewer examples of what design thinking is and many examples of what it is not. Perhaps this is one of the reasons design thinking is often contested in various circles. > Design

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