Dive In Process

Much attention is paid to tools, methods, models, and other artifacts as a means to support learning and innovation while much of what makes real change happen is actually a process. It is doing, not thinking. It’s diving in to the pool rather than focusing on the fences around it. Today we look at one […]

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Simple Systems Scoping

Systems thinking done broadly allows us to take into consideration the various factors — structures, activities, relationships, interconnections — that can influence our organization, market, and domain of inquiry. One of the fundamental qualities of systems is that they have boundaries. For example, when we consider an organization as a system we need to place

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Breaking the Ice

Meetings, events, and other facilitated face-to-face gatherings only work if people engage with each other. Doing this requires some kind of interest or ability to connect with one another in person. While there are certainly some people who have little difficulty engaging with new people in unfamiliar settings, many struggle. This is where the icebreaker

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Systems Diagrams Made Simple

Sketch diagrams are powerful tools for visualizing complex programs and systems. This simple technique literally gets people on the same page. Mapping out a service or product ecosystem can be a complicated endeavour. There is the entire field of systemic design that focuses on tools and strategies to engage users for starters. There are approaches

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