Attractor Mapping

  Attractor mapping is a method that we’ve been developing at CENSE for the past two years. It is a method that brings together a variety of different concepts in the service of  assessing where energy is spent within an organization and network. This complexity-oriented method seeks to draw our attention to where emergent phenomenon […]

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Defining Innovation

What is innovation? The term is everywhere, but what does it actually mean to innovate? The lexical root of innovation is nouvos, or new. The Oxford English Dictionary defines innovation as: innovation |ˌinəˈvāSHən| noun the action or process of innovating. • a new method, idea, product, etc.: technological innovations designed to save energy. Wikipedia, always

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Defining Design Thinking

Following our last post on defining design, here are some of the definitions currently in use to describe design thinking. There are far fewer examples of what design thinking is and many examples of what it is not. Perhaps this is one of the reasons design thinking is often contested in various circles. > Design

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