Unpacking Change

Change through design is the fundamental feature of innovation. This page and the innovation toolkit that it’s a part of are one of the ways we seek to share our experience of innovation.

Innovation is very natural, but also something we can learn.

To provide alternative ways to learn about innovation and change-making we’ve launched a new podcast. Rather than serving as another web-based radio show, Censemaking is designed to do more. It’s a short-form summary of a new idea in practical change-making every episode.

The first season of Censemaking is focused on the fundamentals of change. Each episode in the first season will focus on one of the ten central pillars of change. Episodes are about 10 minutes long and, just like Censemaking itself, meant to be enjoyed over coffee or over your next break.

Ten Factors for Change

The ten factors of change are both individual and contextual and will be covered in each episode in the first season. These factors are:

  1. Knowledge. The bedrock – no knowledge or no change.
  2. Skills. How we apply knowledge and transform it into activities, action, and change. 
  3. Tools. These tools are what allow us to transform our knowledge and skills into something.
  4. ConfidenceConfidence is the bridge between our dreams and vision and our capacity to undertake the work needed to make them real.
  5. Outcome Expectations. We are more likely to hit what we aim for than not.
  6. Time & Space. This is the most under-appreciated and poorly understood concept when it comes to real innovation.
  7. Conditions. Having the right conditions to innovate and having that creation play a useful function when those you seek to serve are ready is as much alchemy as it is science. That doesn’t make it worthy of neglect and it’s something we can design for.
  8. Social Support. Great change doesn’t happen working alone.
  9. Environment. The space around where we work — the context — matters.
  10. Glue. This highly non-technical concept reflects how we line things up together to hold them. This is our strategy and the design for how we transform it and learning into real change.

The podcast is introduced and hosted by Cameron Norman, our President, and this first episode explains how this came about and introduces these ten factors.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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