Multimedia Visualizations For Strategy and Impact

Multimedia visualizations are powerful ways to convey a lot of information in a small space and with little time. The use of a visual — a map, a drawing, a picture, sketch, or collage — provides layers of information beyond words. When dealing with complex situations, visualizations provide clear communication pathways. Unlike some of our …

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Forecasts are useful tools to help us see into the near term. We profile this method to help people get started.

The Amazing Spidergram

Illustrating action points within a complex system challenges evaluation users. Time to call on your friendly neighbourhood spidergram for help. Visualizing complex systems is a challenge within strategy, foresight, and evaluation because each component of the system is interconnected with others. Influence on one of these is likely to influence others. From an action standpoint, …

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Developmental Evaluation Trap #2: The Pivot Problem

In this third in a series on Developmental Evaluation traps, we look at the trap of the pivot. You’ve probably heard someone talk about innovation and ‘pivoting’ or changing the plan’s direction. The term pivot comes from the Lean Startup methodology and is often found in Agile and other product development systems that rely on short-burst, iterative cycles that …

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