attractor mapping

Design Skills for The Present

If you wish to create something new or transform something, you’ll need to design. You must design well if you want that change to achieve something meaningful. What does that mean for designing in the present? What methods and approaches are fit-for-purpose when designing for living systems in the present? The mid 2010s and early […]

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Practical Attractors

Attractor mapping is a method we’ve written about before. It’s a visual means of tracking where we pay attention and where energy is created, sustained and organized. Energy is represented through attention, action, activity, and interactions. Energy is dissipative and it’s dynamic. This means that we can’t ‘set and forget’ our exploration of attractors. What

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Organizational Energy Priorities (For Humans)

Whether it is strategy or wellbeing programming, we all rely on energy to make them work. There is a tendency in organizational behaviour consulting to focus on the cognitive qualities of decisions, change-making, and action. These qualities are things like our thoughts, ideas, and confidence in doing something. Sometimes they are about emotions. What’s often

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