Evaluation: The Innovator’s Secret Advantage

I have a secret….

Innovators are a hopeful lot. They are looking to find an advantage by creating something new that will improve their current condition or at the very least prevent their current situation from deteriorating. Sometimes you need to change to keep things the same.

Evaluation is one of the hidden (maybe secret) advantages from those innovators who are looking to sustain their work over the long haul. For those who are looking to innovate in human systems, evaluation might be the only thing that allows an idea to scale beyond its current implementation.

Why? How? And what does this look like? We will begin a series looking at the Innovators Secret Advantage and how evaluation can and does play a role in supporting good design, measuring impact, guiding strategy, and informing the development of new ideas. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing ten points to illustrate how evaluation can take your ideas forward and create the impact on your clients, the public, your market, and the world.

Sound good? Stay tuned and the secrets will be revealed. Through case studies, practical examples, evidence, and theory we’ll illustrate how to use evaluation to support and amplify your innovation with humans, products, services, and policies. It’s time that evaluation’s advantages are accrued to everyone, not just those ‘in the know’.

And, if you’re in the area, our Principal, Cameron Norman, will be speaking on this topic at the upcoming Service Convention Sweden on November 28th, 2018. Get a jump on what’s to come!

Image Credit: Sai De Silva on Unsplash

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