A New Year, A New Journey

Light up your 2019

For some reason the number 2019 looks funny. It seems hard to comprehend that somehow we arrived at a calendar year that has these four numbers all together. It’s probably going to be even stranger to see 2020 come when we celebrate the new year at the end of this calendar, particularly when we look back on all those 20/20 plans that were generated to coincide with the year. How did they turn out?

As strange as this number is, nothing compares to the actual times we’re living in. Social complexity arising from human migration, transforming economies, technology, shifting social roles, climate change, and mass urbanization (to name a few contributors) means that we often find ourselves in places and times that feel strange. Strange-making is often considered to be one of the qualities of good design: it makes the familiar feel different by introducing new things — products, services, ideas — into our life.

For us, 2019 is going to be a very strange year for these reasons. We’ll be introducing a lot of new things that have been in the works for years. It’s time to — as Seth Godin implores any innovator, creator, or entrepreneur to do — ship.

We will be launching new products to help you understand, adapt, promote, and sustain positive change. There are going to be new ways to learn all about what change is and how to make it happen. We’ll also be providing new ways to get the support you need to do the work — to ship — your ideas and innovations (making change happen).

At Cense, change is what we’re all about. So as you change your calendar, your plans, even maybe make some new year’s resolutions, stay tuned and take us along with you.

Note: For anyone who’s looking to use the time that comes with the new year replacing the old, we’d like to recommend this simple, free downloadable booklet that is worth spending a couple hours with as you reflect on what you did last year and what you aspire to become this year. Thanks to the folk at Yearcompass.com for providing this resource. We hope it’s helpful to you.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy, exciting, creative, and prosperous 2019 from us at Cense.

Photo by Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

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